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Participation in the Long Term Disability Plan shall be a condition of employment for each faculty member engaged on or after September 1, 1969.

A. The University’s sole obligation with respect to long term disability benefits is to pay the cost of the premiums for the L.T.D.P.

B. During any period of total disability due to sickness or accident, the University will continue to pay the total Life‑Insurance premium for six months for the basic coverage of two times salary, and its share of the premium for the supplementary two times salary coverage; the faculty member will pay to the University his/her share of the premium for the supplementary coverage for the six‑month period. After six months, a waiver of premium clause continues this coverage.

C. During any period of total disability due to sickness or accident, the University will continue to pay the premiums for medical and hospital insurance, the L.T.D.P. and the Dental plan.

D. In the case of a faculty member of the L.T.D.P. who is absent from work because of a continuous total disability due to sickness or accident lasting more than 66 working days:

1. his/her regular monthly salary will be paid by the University for a period spanning the first 66 working days of total disability; and

2. thereafter, his /her salary shall cease and, provided the member has applied for and obtained long term disability benefits, the member shall, effective the 67th working day of total disability, receive from the insurer a monthly benefit of 80 percent of his/her regular monthly salary at the commencement of the total disability. In addition, there is provision for an annual cost of living adjustment for those continuing to receive benefits. These benefits will continue until recovery, death, retirement, or age 65, whichever comes first.

3. while he/she is receiving monthly benefits from the outside insurer as per 2. above, the University will pay the faculty member's contribution to the appropriate pension plan in addition to the University's matching contribution.

4. upon his/her return to work, the benefit provided in 2. above will cease and his/her regular salary from the University will be resumed.

5. should there be a recurrence of the same or causally related total disability as determined by the insurer, within six months of his/her return to work, his/her salary will cease and the insured benefits will resume with no waiting period. An unrelated total disability, or a recurrence after six months from the date of return to work after a previous disability, is not a recurrence of the same or causally related sickness or disability for the purposes of this section 5.

6. a member recovering from a long term disability and capable of returning to work from the L.T.D.P. will have his/her salary adjusted by any across the board increases which occurred during the member's leave. It is agreed and understood that the member is not entitled to CDI or Merit Increments during the period of their leave.

E. “Total disability”, means substantially the following: the complete inability to perform any and every duty of his/her regular occupation during the first three years of disability; thereafter, he/she is considered disabled if unable to engage in any substantially gainful occupation for which he/she is qualified by reason of education, training or experience.