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The University agrees that any program/course/seminar tuition fee will be waived for eligible Ryerson faculty members and their dependents, subject to the following conditions:

A.Faculty means all tenured and probationary faculty members as defined in the Agreement. LTF’s shall be eligible for this benefit after completing twelve months (12) of continuous service and only for the duration of their LTF appointment.

B.Dependent means a spouse (including same sex spouse), child (natural, adopted or step) or other dependent recognized in law. A dependent child is eligible only until his/her twenty-fifth (25th) birthday.

C.Waiver of tuition means that the portion of the University Fee designated for tuition, as defined by the University, will not be required to be paid. Faculty members and dependents will be expected to pay the non-tuition portion of the University Fee, and other applicable fees such as application, student union levies, late fees, lab fees, etc.

D.Eligible faculty members and dependents must meet the admission requirements for the program/course/seminar, and have been accepted by the Registrar's office where applicable, before application for waiver of tuition can be made.

E.Faculty members and dependents will not be counted in determining minimum numbers of registrants required to run a course/program/seminar.

F.Contract education course through the Continuing Education Division are excluded when either the exclusion of non-contract members is a written stipulation and/or where the attendance of the member of the Association and dependents would preclude the attendance of a contract member.

G.If a faculty member or dependent does not successfully complete a course on two successive occasions in which he/she is enrolled, the tuition waiver provisions shall be suspended for the next academic term. In the alternative, the faculty member or dependent may elect to pay the tuition fees for the subsequent academic term.

H.All regular offerings published in the full time and Continuing Education calendar, where Ryerson collects tuition fees, are eligible courses for tuition waiver, excluding IT and Corporate and Professional Training. Courses in special contract programmes with other educational institutions and/or special offerings hosted outside of Ontario are not eligible courses.

I.This benefit shall continue in force while members of the Association are on leave, with or without salary, disabled and/or retired. Furthermore, in the case of an unpaid leave a refundable loan shall be repaid to the member of the Association on his/her return to active service. Failure to return shall result in forfeiture of the aforementioned loan.

J.This benefit will be available to members of the Association who have retired and their dependents, and to dependents of members who have died in service.

K.Where a child of a member of the Association was dependent at the time of the member's death in service or after retirement, that child is eligible for tuition waiver until his/her twenty-fifth (25th) birthday.