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Collective Agreement

New collective agreement negotiations completed October 25th, 2008

Ratification of the 2008-2011 RFA Collective Agreement

You are reminded that the proposed changes to the RFA Collective Agreement, as negotiated by the RFA Negotiating Committee and the University Administration, are subject to ratification by both parties. The RFA will be conducting a Ratification Meeting on Thursday, November 6 at 1:00 pm (preceded by a light lunch at 12.30 pm) in the Atrium on the 3rd floor of the ENG building. A hard copy of the Agenda and the Synopsis will be available at the meeting (see below for electronic copies).

At the conclusion of the Ratification Meeting every member in attendance will have the opportunity to vote, in a secret ballot, on the proposed Agreement. Thereafter, mail-in ballots will be sent to all members who did not receive ballots at the meeting. Each member so voting by means of the mail-in ballot has until 4:00 p.m. on the 10th working day following the Ratification Meeting, to submit their mail-in ballot. This means that members voting by mail-in ballot must ensure that their ballots are received at the RFA office by 4:00p.m.on Thursday, November 20, 2008.

If any members are unable to attend the Ratification Meeting and are also unable to receive and return the mail-in ballots during the period November 6 - November 20, please contact Maureen Sims at extension 5186 to determine whether any alternate arrangements can be made.

Agenda for meeting

Synopsis of the Agreement

The parts of the agreement that have changed

Only those Articles. Appendices and Memoranda of Understanding that have been amended or newly created have been posted here. All of these affected (i.e. revised) sections of the Collective Agreement have been incorporated into one PDF document for purposes of this posting, and they have been placed in order of their Article number, followed by Appendices and then Memoranda of Understanding, also in order of their respective numbers.

Also posted here is the Memorandum of Settlement which the parties have signed prior to submitting these changes for ratification.

A synopsis of the new contract language was sent out to the RFA membership on Tuesday October 28 (and is included above). If members are using the originally distributed synopsis as a guide to reviewing the language posted here they should note that, due to subsequent numbering revisions to Article 10, where that synopsis referred to 10.19 it should now read 10.18. The current version of the synopsis refers to the correct article.

You will note that the page numbering of these documents does not follow a continuous sequence. Each of the articles included within this PDF document have their own page numbering progression. Within these documents all text that is provided in bold type represents new or revised language.

Here are the parts of the previous agreement, all of which continue except as changed above:

Here is the previous collective Agreement: CA 2005