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Future of the President

I have been President of the RFA for 4.5 years and on the Executive for 6.5. In this last semester I have been feeling increasingly burnt out. I am in the squeeze generation with children ranging from 2-6 and parents(-in-law) ranging from 79-89, two of whom have recently had significant surgery and need support as well as time with their grandchildren. I am also within a decade or so of retirement.

For all these reasons, I have been thinking about what I might do when my presidency ends. There are a variety of options that may be open to me. Certainly I have missed the classroom and my research, but there are also possibilities in university administration, inside and outside of Ryerson, as well as retiring as early as possible and going into business. At this time, I have not decided which of these options to pursue, nor can I make those decisions while I am focused on doing my job as President.

When I discussed some of my potential options with the RFA Executive it became clear that a break between my presidency and any potential Ryerson administrative job would be desirable. The consensus was that to avoid any hint of conflict of interest, this separation should take place as soon as possible. While this may leave a number of loose ends, we have an extremely capable Executive and I will assist them in any way I can during the rest of this semester. This will also let me make decisions about my future unencumbered with my current obsession about what is best for the RFA. The Executive has asked me to continue with the current round of the Joint Salary Anomaly Adjustments Committee, and I will help the Executive in any way I can to keep up the momentum for the next round.

Therefore, I am resigning my position of President at the end of today. I will be on sabbatical starting in January, getting my SRC and teaching back on track.

Anver Saloojee, Vice-President Internal, will become the Acting President tomorrow, and I wish him and the rest of our Executive the very best of luck. I leave our union in their capable hands.

It has been a pleasure and an honour to be your President and to work with our Executive, and I look forward to working with the Faculty, Librarians and Counselors of Ryerson again in the future!