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Grievance Appeals

When a grievance is filed on behalf of a member, the RFA retains carriage of the grievance - that is, it is the RFA's ultimate decision how far to carry a grievance, and what terms of settlement would resolve the grievance. Normally this is in accord with the wishes of the member.

The way a decision to take/not-take a grievance to arbitration is carried out is that the Grievance Committee examines the merits of the case and makes a recommendation to the Executive. If the recommendation is to proceed to arbitration and the Executive agrees, then it goes forward. However, if the Grievance Committee recommends to not take the grievance to arbitration and the member disagrees with that recommendation, the member has the right to appeal that decision to the Executive Committee Grievance Appeals Sub-Committee.

Article 10.4.h of our bylaw calls for the Executive Committee to: