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New Faculty Members, Librarians, and Counselors

We are just starting to put in place some electronic resources to help newly hired faculty (or pople offered a position) make good decisions.

Note that the salary data below is somewhat out of date. It will be updated shortly.

Initial Salary and Hiring

The Collective Agreement between Ryerson University and the Ryerson Faculty Association defines most of your benefits, responsibilities, and working conditions. In particular, it includes basic salary information.

Here is a handbook put out by CAUT to help new faculty negotiate the all-important starting salary. Even a $1000 difference in starting salary can translate into over $100,000 in lifetime earnings.

To give you some sense of recent starting salaries, approximately 80% of recent Assistant Professor starting salaries in 2005 (not counting any Burgeoning-Discipline amount) are in the following faculty-based ranges (and will receive approximately 4% across-the-board, in addition to progress-through-the-ranks):


Ryerson's Learning and Teaching Office has many resources and workshops that can help new (and experienced) teachers.

Tomorrow's Professor has many articles (often quite thoughtful) on what makes for good University-level teaching/research.

Ryerson's Office of Research Services administers research grants for faculty and also has many resources that can help researchers.

Degree Completion

Some people are hired with degrees not yet completed. Here are some articles on grad work that may help or at least provide perspective.

More Information

There is more information from a Canadian faculty association perspective at CAUT.

There is more information from an Ontario faculty association perspective at the OCUFA site.

You may find more useful information on the old RFA site.

Ryerson's Faculty and Staff Resources page includes various employment information such as benefits and pension.

If there is anything else we can help with, call the President, Dave Mason at 416-979-5000x7061 or the RFA Office at 416-979-5186